Our Events

If this is your first event thank you for choosing to join us.  You most likely have a general idea of what to expect. However, by the end of the weekend you'll realize why the long term members have such a passion for this event.  And like many of the repeat attendees you'll find yourself hooked.



Most will meet at the Porsche Experience Center on a Thursday.  Out front there will be an amazing grouping of GT cars. After you finish exploring the cars it's time to go inside and register. You'll then have the opportunity to ride with Porsche instructors on the track, try the simulators, tour the exhibits, have drinks and dinner with old and new friends.

Friday morning you'll head out early, real early, for Road Atlanta.  At RA you will register, attend a driver's meeting and have the opportunity to participate in a group photo along with parade laps.  If you signed up to drive you'll be assigned a run group including an instructor, if requested. The day wraps up with some great roads to drive on the way to the Ridges.  Once there is a quick check-in it’s off to the bar followed by dinner. There will be an opportunity to decide on what you want to do the next day. It's up to you.

Saturday offers opportunities for a multitude of routes to drive along with the airstrip runs.  If you haven't done it it's worth doing. Back at the Ridges it will be dinner and drinks again along with an auction with some amazing merchandise and maybe a nice trip.

Sunday will see people leaving early, some will tie in a last drive on their way home and some will stay another night.  The choice is yours and don’t forget to block time for the next Smokies GT event!


The fall event is when many of the volunteers attend. It has a looser and more relaxed vibe to it. It is a much smaller more spontaneous occurrence.  Thursday/Friday people arrive at the Lodge they are staying in.  Some mountain driving takes place Thursday with more drives on Friday thru Sunday.  Several groups tend to form with some wanting maximum car time and others wishing to drive less with more relaxation. Lots of times a more leisurely lunch is taken in Highlands, Tapoco Lodge or other destinations

We usually eat dinner at the same place each evening and relax around a fire pit after that.  More people go hiking or wonder over to Asheville or similar extracurriculars.  There is no auction, fund raising, or sponsors typically involved.  It is more camaraderie based around GT cars and fun and planning. Part of the time is spent analyzing the spring event and how to make it better.

Wrap up is usually Sunday with some leaving earlier, others dropping out later in the day and a few of us staying until Monday.  Generally only about 25-30 cars come as that is the most lodging room available.  If you have been to the spring event you should try the fall one.  You won't regret it.