Q - Are the driving events at the event races or a competition?
A - NO! It’s as simple as that. The “mine is bigger” and “I’m faster” syndrome is not what we’re about. SAFETY remains our primary concern and objective. For the enjoyment of the event and for everyone’s sake, PLEASE DRIVE WELL WITHIN YOUR LIMITS on the track and on public roads.

Q - Is an owner of a Porsche GTS or T eligible to join this group?
A - Unfortunately, NO!

Q - Are there plans to expand Smokies GT to the West coast or internationally?
A - Yes there are. Smokies GT has an established track record of success due to some unique ingredients which we must not compromise on. Once our structure is safeguarded we will go on to cover the Western US.

Q - Is Smokies GT affiliated to the Porsche Club of America (PCA) or any other club?
A - No. Smokies GT is not affiliated to the PCA or any other club.

Q - Do the organizers or volunteers get paid or get free entry to events for their involvement with any organizational Smokies GT activity?
A - No they do not. EVERYONE pays to take part in the events. Everyone volunteers their time and services. Smokies GT only pays out money to third party service providers. We are a NOT-FOR-PROFIT incorporated organization.

Detailed event specific information is available to registered participants via following the calendar event link


If the above hasn’t helped you, you can contact us via email